Providing education for east african deaf children   

Did you know?

Less than 1% of 38,400 
deaf children in Tanzania 
go to school.

Change that begins within a
community is sustainable
when the community changes
their beliefs about what
deaf children are able
to accomplish.

Who We Are

Tanzania International Deaf Academy (TIDA) is committed to providing a unique tri-lingual education for East African deaf children in an accessible academic environment which supports the advancement of scholastic achievement and the development of vocational training skills to ensure a productive, independent future.

TIDA’s development is rooted in:

  • Understanding the problems faced by the deaf community by working with parents, children, special education teachers, and local leaders, and involving them at every level in the organization.
  • Meeting the educational needs of both primary and secondary school deaf students so that deaf children can have equal educational opportunities.
  • Building trust and encouraging local ownership and administration of TIDA with our Tanzanian team and partnering with parents to develop sustainable business ventures to help fund and sustain their children’s schooling.
  • Employing deaf teachers fluent in Tanzanian sign language at a competitive salary not found in other schools.
  • Ensuring complete financial transparency to secure trust and respect from the community.





As the year draws to a close and TIDA looks forward to a New Year of hopeful developments, we have just posted a video to help others learn more about our efforts and to meet Sia, our Tanzanian partner. Sia's dedication to advancing the educational opportunities of deaf children in Tanzania is the inspiration for our organizaiton and exemplifies the dedication, resolve, generosity, and collaboration that will be required as we work to provide opportunities for deaf children to be educated.